MTB is a digital currency used on the world's first Bitcoin caching blockchain network platform

MTB Project

The MTB Project is the world's first project that combines masternode functionality and a bitcoin mining system in a renewable energy business. The MTB Project is an efficient and stable system that uses renewable energy and excess power that anyone can participate in, and it maximizes energy efficiency in operating blockchain masternodes and bitcoin mining systems. The MTB team needed a cryptocurrency that could contribute to global participation in various businesses based on renewable energy production and mining revenue, and they began to devise a network that could be used transparently and with privacy depending on the purpose of the transaction. Participants in the MTB network can receive rewards in BITCOIN not only by simply participating in mining operations but also by contributing to the security and stability of the network. In addition, the revenue generated by the foundation will be invested in platform system businesses prepared separately by the MTB team, which will expand the use of MTB, and participants can expect the value of MTB to rise. The core benefits of the MTB ecosystem are as follows.


  • By participating in the MTB Project, anyone can easily join and contribute to the project simply by purchasing coins. This provides a very reasonable and convenient way to receive Bitcoin airdrops in a manner similar to cloud mining or direct mining.
We are developing our ecosystem to operate as a caching blockchain platform that provides significant benefits and attention to both developers and users. Our system is designed to operate in a structure that is very helpful to both parties, the most innovative design will be the MTB caching structure, which will make our platform very attractive as it allows users to obtain Bitcoin by holding MTB coins.
Total Supply
Supply : 30,000,000
Note: Please note that our platform rewards cached coins, not a guaranteed daily amount.